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A step-by-step guide to alimony payments during COVID-19.

Money is complicated right now. With difficult predictions of the US economy and un-before-seen layoffs, budgets for families across Oklahoma are tight. Deciding where to cut and spend money is especially tricky during the remainder of 2020, and budgeting for divorced families can be difficult considering the separated spending habits and lifestyles of divorced couples. Alimony may be a challenge to pay for some families right now, and it's crucial to understand how COVID-19 may impact scheduled payments. Here is a step-by-step guide we have created to help guide Oklahomans through alimony situations during COVID-19.

Step 1: Make your financial situation apparent.

It's better to be preventive than reactionary when it comes to decisions impacted by COVID-19. Call a meeting with your ex-partner to discuss where both of you stand financially and how to prepare best for financial provision. If you and your ex-partner are out of touch, contact an attorney or mediator to help conversations.

Step 2: Agree on a response.

If possible, agree on a compromise if alimony is predicted to be impacted. Reach an amicable interim agreement that temporarily stays financial stress for either party.

Step 3: Maintain open communication.

Again, if either partner is uncomfortable with this manner of conversation, hire a mediator to ease communication, but don’t cut out the ex-partner. An interim agreement will need follow up and frequent evaluation as the COVID-19 crisis escalates. Maintaining some method of communication may save stressful confrontation in the long run.

Step 4: If amicable agreement can’t be reached, refer to court intervention.

Courts can reevaluate the alimony agreement between you and your ex-partner if an interim agreement cannot be reached. Again, this can be a lengthy process and avoided through legal or amicable consultation; however courts can be utilized to solve any questions about alimony payments; although here at the Private Trials of America we strongly recommend the alternative.

These 4 steps illustrate a path through alimony reconstruction, but they are by no means the only manner of solving this issue. Contact us here at PTOA today to have our family law practitioners give you specific advice over your personal situation.

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